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Introduction to Old Oriental Music Therapy

_by Galib Gernot Stanfel_

Oruç Güvenç researched the practice of treating people with music in Islamic based cultures. Combined with the effects of pentatonic music, he reinstalled this knowledge under the name "Altorientalische Musichterapie (Old Oriental Music Therapy)" again in the medical treatment catalog. He started to teach and develop this method first in Austria. 

Gernot Galib Stanfel was among the first students, became the first and longtime assistant of Oruç Güvenç in courses and schools in various countries for this music therapy. He also was among the first music therapists who had a regular contract to work in social and medical institutions. He has been practicing as a music therapist since 1998 in his own praxis.

In the two courses he wants to give an overview about the way he learned from Oruç Güvenç and the holistic way Oruç Güvenç was teaching it.